2016 Participants and Results


Beall Student Design Competition at the Samueli School

  • 1st Place ($7,500):
    Tag Team
    Project Description: Tag, is a small BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device designed to be used in conjunction with a smartphone. It engenders users to secure their belongings as well as send distress signals to their emergency contacts. The form-factor of Tag is such that it can be attached easily to the keychain or stick to any of the numerous personal effects a user carries in their everyday life e.g. briefcases, backpacks, bikes, wallets, laptops and even pets. The BLE device piggybacks on the phone’s GPS system to upload a tagged item’s location to the cloud. This allows users to track their belonging in real-time from any phone/desktop that they have access to, leverage the crowd-GPS network for Tag to find a stolen/lost item and have the peace of mind that their emergency contacts get immediate alerts incase they are in distress.
    Students: Ali Shahbaz (team lead), Khwaja Hassan Ahmed, Neeraj Kumar
  • 2nd Place ($5,000):
    Red Lion Robotics
    Project Description: Red Lion Robotics develops accessible tools for physical rehabilitation and assistance.
    Students: Yasemin Sarigul-Klijn (team lead), Peter Wang, Brandon Tsuge
  • 3rd Place ($2,500):
    Project Description: CeleriBio is a rapid and quantitative diagnostic test for bloodstream infections and antibiotic resistance, which returns results in a few hours instead of a few days. This technology has the potential to improve patient outcomes by identifying the correct course of antibiotics for a given infection.
    Students: Sean Freeman, Nikki Koe, Louai Labanieh (team lead), Binh Le, Sadaf Mirnia

Butterworth Product Development Competition at the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences

  • 1st Place ($7,500):
    Sonder VR
    Project Description: Sonder VR is a Virtual Reality Therapy Experience for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder so they can learn and practice their social skills.
    Students: Joy Chen, Yolanda La, Anuj Shah, Tia Moore, Erick Kusnadi (team lead)
  • 2nd Place ($5,000):
    Project Description: WeGroove uses the sensors from your smartphone and/or smartwatch to play the right music at the right time. Our goal is to turn your body into its very own radio station.
    Students: Forest Agostinelli (team lead), Ameya Raje, Chaiyathorn Vachirakornwattana, Prakul Agarwal
  • 3rd Place ($2,500):
    Project Description: Munchies is a mobile platform that invites college students to dine in homes, order take out, share stories and enjoy authentic homemade cuisine.
    Students: Jonnathan Petote (team lead), Nicky Huynh, Saray Rodriguez, Alyssa Lingad, Chan Woo Park, Vincent Gentile


Beall Student Design Competition in Engineering (Hardware) +
Butterworth Product Development Competition in ICS (Software) Participants

Arka Assured
Team Lead: Kevin Throop
Team: Kevin Throop

Team Lead: Rickesh Patel
Team: Rickesh Patel

Dr. Drones
Team Lead: Chen Li
Team: Chen Li,Yusheng Wang, Benny Chiange

Team Lead: Andre Nodem
Team: Andre Nodem, Michael Bryant, Rosa Padilla, Michela Vicariotto

Everyday Offset
Team Lead: Kyle Vonderwerth
Team: Kyle Vonderwerth, Anne Garafalo, Andrew Schlaline, Jonathan Hammel

Maslow Construction Robots
Team Lead: Michael Galanif
Team: Ved Kirloskar, Michael Galanif, Cole McGuire, Khalid Elassaad

Team Lead: Heran Patel
Team: Heran Patel, Akshat Patel, Archit Dey

Team Lead: Fatemeh Nosrati
Team: Fatemeh Nosrati

Medical Horizons
Team Lead: Ali Siddiqui
Team: Ali Siddiqui, Spencer Mattson, Allen Sallinger, Kevin Wang

SmartSense Systems
Team Lead: Shashank Mallya
Team: Shashank Mallya, Vijay Gowrishankar, Jayadev Jayakumar, Joseph Garcia

Solar Powered Airplane
Team Lead: Tri Luong
Team: Callum Lamb, Tri Luong, Sage Thayer

Team Lead: Sam Chakrabarty
Team: Sam Chakrabarty, Nina Volkmuth, Aditi Bhatia, Katie Bui, Tim Nguyen, Jerry Tung

Team Lead: Tu Nguyen
Team: Tu Nguyen, Tu Le, Jerry Granillo, Jonathan Yuen

Tag Team
Team Lead: Ali Shahbaz
Team: Ali Shahbaz, Khwaja Hassan Ahmed, Neeraj Kumar

Beall Student Design Competition in Engineering (Hardware) Participants

Adipo Therapeutics
Team Lead: Zaki Molvi
Team: Zaki Molvi, Najla Hafez, Alexander Nguyen, Gishan Bogoda, Tej Kalakuntla, Xiaolong Qiu

Team Lead: Kaixin Zhao
Team: Kaixin Zhao, Rui Cao, Tian Hang, Ellen Le, Chinh Tran, Amirhessam Samadaghaei

Cast Forward
Team Lead: Thi Tran
Team: Jullyanne Corpuz, Bita Kianian, Andy Lam, Tam Le, Thi Tran

Team Lead: Louai Labanieh
Team: Sean Freeman, Nikki Koe, Louai Labanieh, Binh Le, Sadaf Mirnia

CF Innovation
Team Lead: Fernanda Jeffers
Team: Fernanda Jeffers, Cody Spencer Cook

Team Lead: Kin Fai Chow
Team: Kin Fai Chow, Stephen Chung

Team Lead: Jeffrey Chum
Team: Jeffrey Chum, Joshua Drum, Michael Shenk, Matthew Vasquez, Sam Pasin

Team Lead: Anurag Vaddi Reddy
Team: Anurag Vaddi Reddy, Jeff Berhow, Yuji Michael Dornberg, Linda Thu-Van Banh

Team Lead: Claudia Cetrola
Team: Claudia Cetrola, Sneha Shivkumar, Katrina Henrikson, Erik Noel, Sepehr Zomorodian

Team Lead: Tiffany Chien
Team: Shin Fukazwa, Tiffany Chien, Thai Nguyen, Daniel Tran, Yingkai Su

Exosuit Engineering
Team Lead: Alexander Alvara
Team: Alexander Alvara, Elena Vazquez, Mark Jakovljevic, Juan Lopez

K9 BioWalk
Team Lead: Jocelyn Chau
Team: Sean Gutierrez, Jocelyn Chau, Sofia Kenny, Jocelynda Salvador, Monique Wonderly, Jason Wang

KAMP-G Technologies
Team Lead: Stephanie Pearlman
Team: Stephanie Pearlman, Alexander Alvara, Scott Kelley, Louis Mejia, Robert Gutierrez

Kneed Technologies
Team Lead: Jenny Mai
Team: Jenny Mai, Erik Sheldon, Krystal Devezin, Naomi Thomson, Eric Malvar

Team Lead: Ethan Kirkley
Team: Ethan Kirkley, Cameron Hunt, Zepyoor Khechadoorian

Team Lead: Magie Nguyen
Team: Magie Nguyen, Josh Kim

Liquidus Diagnostics
Team Lead: Noel I. Navarro
Team: Noel I. Navarro, James Harvey, Tasnim Ahmed, Ashleigh Estes, Josvan Rodriguez

Team Lead: Nicole Chan
Team: Nicole Chan, Jenny Lee, Richard Tran, Kenji Sumikawa, Lauren Lee

Team Lead: Amin Gosla
Team: Amin Gosla, Guriqbal Dhariwal, Marco Robles, Priyanka Ganesh, Preston Hoang

OsteoForge Medical
Team Lead: Frank Adams
Team: Frank Adams, Stoney Middleton, Mike Crowley, Matheus Felix, Adam Wooten

Red Lion Robotics
Team Lead: Yasemin Sarigul-Klijn
Team: Yasemin Sarigul-Klijn, Peter Wang, Brandon Tsuge

Team Lead: Jordan Griffin
Team: Jordan Griffin, Alan Lo, Tomaz Scheliga, Kevin Sanjay Shah

Sher Biomedical
Team Lead: Rachel Gurlin
Team: Rachel Gurlin, Avid Najdahmadi

SYNTR Health Tech (TM)
Team Lead: Ahmed Zobi
Team: Ahmed Zobi, Hugo Salas, Justin Stovner, David Duarte

Team Lead: Kevin Vittayarukskul
Team: Kevin Vittayarukskul, Dian Song, Pawarisa Fung, Guanqun Wang, Ryan Smith

The Shelter Solution
Team Lead: Zachary Tran
Team: Zachary Tran, Upamanyu Sundaram, Daniel Hinkel, Rahim Siddiq

Butterworth Product Development Competition in ICS (Software) Participants

Team Lead: Yifei Chen
Team: ZiJian Xu, Yifei Chen

Team Lead: Ahmad Razavi
Team: Ahmad Razavi, Nazanin Ghasemian

Team Lead: Brian Leung

Team Lead: Katie Yeh
Team: Roshan Suasin, Katie Yeh, Shannon Lee

Team Lead: Jason White
Team: Jason White, Brianna Tu, Nathan Benjamin, Isley Gao, Max Uzoukwu

Clutch Idea
Team Lead: Peter Nguyen
Team: Peter Nguyen, John Torrres, Jon Yuen, Derek Olson, Franklin Ye

Team Lead: Adrian Hermosillo
Team: Adam Lopez, Adrian Hermosillo

Team Lead: Christian Ampe
Team: Christian Ampe, Mark Fernandez, Ryan Ghavimi

Danger Alert
Team Lead: Natalie Sweis
Team: Natalie Sweis

Dental Insights
Team Lead: Michael Bennett
Team: Michael Bennett, Andy Fields, Vang Kou Khang, Colin Ma

DIT Technologies
Team Lead: Miquel Torner
Team: Miquel Torner, Josep Oriol Riu, Adrian Rey

Team Lead: Edwin Vargas
Team: Edwin Vargas, Emily J. Smith, Magie Nguyen

Team Lead: Kausthub Raj Jadhav
Team: Ahmed Gorashi, Kausthub Raj Jadhav

Team Lead: Sam Chakrabarty
Team: Sambodhi Chakrabarty, Tim Nguyen

Team Lead: Arash Nase
Team: Arash Nase

Team Lead: Brandon Cheng
Team: Brandon Cheng, Marcelo Autran, Tim Park

IrvineXTeam Lead: Nicholas Ceglia
Team: Nicholas Ceglia, Camilla Favaretti

Jack RS
Team Lead: Sui Feng Xu
Team: Sui Feng Xu, Kevin Chow, Robert McArthur, Aditya Koppula, Chen Mo, Jasrajsingh Manjit Singh Kochhar

Team Lead: Oscar Chan
Team: Oscar ChanLEVELERTeam Lead: Shifa Safeeq
Team: Shifa Safeeq, Alec Kriebel, Venu Ghatikar, Rishab Sunder, Safeeq Haja

Team Lead: Tianren Zhang
Team: Tianren Zhang, Zhengyi Xu, Xuejia Qian

Team Lead: Evan Schein
Team: Evan Schein, Akshat Patel, Yocelyn Recinos

Mindfull Technologies
Team Lead: Ramin Rajaii
Team: Ramin Rajaii

Team Lead: Jonnathan Petote
Team: Jonnathan Petote, Nicky Huynh, Sarah Rodriguez, Alyssa Lingad, Chan Woo Park, Vincent Gentile

Muy Mal
Team Lead: Kingsley Abel
Team: Kingsley Abel, Gaurav Venkatesh, Parth Mittal

Pick a Jacket or Not
Team Lead: Ahmad Razavi
Team: Ahmad Razavi, Nazanin Ghasemian

Team Lead: Zhihao Yao
Team: Zhihao Yao, Sichao Liu

Team Lead: Felipe Augusto de Souza
Team: Felipe Augusto de Souza, Mariana Teixeira Sebastiani, Karina Hermawan, Fernando Spanghero

Sonder VR
Team Lead: Erick Kusnadi
Team: Joy Chen, Yolanda La, Anuj Shah, Tia Moore, Erick Kusnadi

Study Buddies
Team Lead: Patrick Martin
Team: Patrick Martin, Cesar Tejada, Keshab Sharma, Sasha Mirabi, Ebrahim Al-Kabodi, Rushabh Shah

Team BaeMax
Team Lead: Huyanh Hoang
Team: Huyanh Hoang, Jefferson Sau, Nerissa del Rosario, Phillip Nguyen, Isaac Pak, Carolyn Jung, Janella Pizzaro

Team Go!
Team Lead: Jonathan Lam
Team: Jonathan Lam, Ryan Yue, Patrick Mang

Team Yumometer
Team Lead: John Schomberg
Team: John Schomberg, Anirudh Sethi

The Wandering Memory
Team Lead: Solomon Chan
Team: Solomon Chan, Christopher Lam, Ben Pham, Paula Sabat Martinez, Kevin Wong, Vivian Chang

Team Lead: Dan Tran
Team: Dan Tran, Dishanth Shankar Reddy, Nick Weber, Hanyou Shouu

Team Lead: Adrian Rey Rodriguez
Team: Adrian Rey Rodriguez, Xavier Armengol Nogues

Team Lead: Forest Agostinelli
Team: Forest Agostinelli, Ameya Raje, Chaiyathorn Vachirakornwattana, Prakul Agarwal