2019 Participants & Results


Beall Student Design Competition at the Samueli School

  • 1st Place ($10,000):
    Project Desciption: Qardiac is transforming the way blood pressure (BP) is measured using soft-skin like pressure sensors. The patient’s BP can be measured by placing the soft pressure sensor anywhere on the body where a pulse can be felt (i.e. radial artery). The sensor can be worn like a Band-Aid© continuously throughout the day without being obtrusive to the user. Data can then be uploaded to a cloud service where physicians can make informed decisions. The sensor used in Qardiac are comprised of patented nanostructured electronic materials and soft elastomeric substrates which enables high-pressure sensitivity over a wide dynamic BP range. Recently, we have published preliminary results showing feasibility of beat-to-beat BP monitoring. With Qardiac, we measured a mean bias and standard deviation of less than 5 mmHg and 8 mmHg respectively when compared against an FDA approved BP monitor, well within the AAMI standards. (J Kim et al. AdvHealthMat 2019).
    Students: Joshua Kim, Lancy Lin, Sophia Chou, Uuanke Zhang
  • 2nd Place ($6,500):
    Project Description: CenSyn focuses on improving quality of patient care and outcome by creating accessible, hand-held and portable brain monitoring devices like Electroencephalograms(EEG) to provide instant insights into a patient’s brain. The device will be accompanied by a smartphone application which can be used by neurologists, nurses or paramedics to view brain activity on a tablet with near clinical grade accuracy and precision and administer treatment.
    Students: Team members: Ayushi Hitesh Patel, Trevor Gray Silence, Anirudh Bhushan, Hengji Chen, Quinn Korematsu, Raj Parekh
  • 3rd Place ($3,500):
    Project Description: HemaDycamics utilizes intellectual property developed at UCI’s Beckman Laser Institute for its portable blood flow imaging modality: the HemaFlow Imaging System. The aim is to provide a quality device for the measurement of blood flow in chronic wounds driven by a customer’s needs. HemaDycamics harnesses Laser Speckle Imaging (LSI) technology, a wide-field optical technique, to enhance the characterization of wounds by ascertaining blood flow. The device provides needed quantitative data to existing subjective methods of diagnosis used for wound management. Using this device, clinicians will be able to take real-time images of blood flow essential to early detection of chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers. With early diagnosis and treatment, the formation of DFUs can be prevented, improving patient lives. This patent-pending product will be the first handheld device capable of providing the much-desired information to physicians to aid in blood flow visualization at a reduced cost. Lastly, this system will assist with Electronic Health Record practices improving clinical-decision making with data provided by the HemaFlow Imaging System. The interoperability between our device and these records will facilitate diagnosis and communication between all professionals involved in the patient’s health.
    Students: Adrian Bahani, Emil Lundqvist, Steven Chang, Stephanie Pascua, Natasha Palamuttam, Dian Song

Butterworth Product Development Competition at the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences

  • 1st Place ($10,000):
    Project Description: Health data collection using a well-designed mobile app interface to sell consumer blood tests, immunology tests, whole genome sequencing, and mobility assessments. CheckUP will retrieve the health data from the testing facility and store it in a HIPAA compliant Amazon BAA instance of an Amazon-hosted database. It will feed data into IBM Watson Health for predictive and prescriptive analytics based on the individual.
    Students: Zachary Little, Kenneth Rhee, Dan Appel, Francisco Barcena
  • 2nd Place ($6,500):
    Project Description: Giv is a mobile-first, online giving experience which prioritizes modern donors. It delivers curated, short-form video content from vetted nonprofits and centralizes charities to simplify discovery. Giv integrates with social platforms for more effective and targeted user outreach. Giv also manages frictionless transactions between nonprofits and donors.
    Students: Lucas Erb, Haven King, Ryan Luu, Nisarg Sh
  • 3rd Place ($3,500):
    Project Description: Pyri is a two sided platform that allows travelers to acquire foreign currency from their lodging, such as their bed & breakfast, hostel or hotel. This enables bed & breakfast hosts and businesses to earn money off of each transaction. Pyri utilizes a sharing economy to provide travelers with the best rates when acquiring foreign currency.
    Students: Salahaldeen Ali, Niijan Al-Amin


Beall Student Design Competition in Engineering (Hardware) + Butterworth Product Development Competition in ICS (Software)

Team members: Raphael Francis Aguas, Lily McGrale, ? Ruben Shakya, Kamalesh Ananthakrishnan, Peter Jang, Jehan Kobe Chang, Aryan Agarwal

Team members: Mahdi Maaref, Kimia Shamaei, Joe Khalife, Joshua Morales, Ali Abdallah, Bhavani Panda

Team members: Franchesca Amanda Leung, Sonya Zoe Ni, Thomas Ryan Young, Evan Cheng

Team members: Ayushi Hitesh Patel, Trevor Gray Silence, Anirudh Bhushan, Hengji Chen, Quinn Korematsu, Raj Parekh

Crafty Fit
Team members: Sina Faezi, Ali Tazarv, Rozhin Yasaei, Ramtin Afshar

Fillit Fuels
Team members: Frank Vu, Andre Zhu, Nghia Nguyen

Float Robotics
Team members: Kausthub Raj Jadhav, Niklas John Hammon, Myriam Khalil, Mazen Nader Alkhatib

Team members: Yubin Sun

Team members: Adrian Bahani, Emil Lundqvist, Steven Chang, Stephanie Pascua, Natasha Palamuttam, Dian Song

Team members: Mitchell Zarro, Paul Badalian

Team members: Xinyi Liu, Huining Liu, Wenyu Ouyang, Jiashuo Liu, Zhi Luo

Team members: Pranav Reddy, William Redenbaugh, Jacob Nave, Ryan Lau, Ezra Sarmiento

Team members: Joshua Kim, Lancy Lin, Sophia Chou, Uuanke Zhang

Smart Real Estate Signs (RES)
Team members: Mike Huang, Michael Mac, Erick Samano, Tam Nguyen, Jeff Huang

Team members: Dimple Jethani, Anyi Chen, Rui Ji, Swetha Suresh Babu

Smart Trainer
Team members: Delaram Amiri, Davide Callegaro, Antor Paul, Pradip Paul

Beall Student Design Competition in Engineering (Hardware)

Multi-Wing Rotary Propulsion Engine
Team members: Nathan Cabezut, Fernando Pablo Quevedo

Team members: Uuganbayar Temuujin

Butterworth Product Development Competition in ICS (Software)

Team members: Kevin Fang, Mingwei Hung, Aaron Shah, Andrew Wang Chen

Team members: Charlotte Hu, Xinhao Liang, Taiting Lu, Xiaoying Liu, Qimei Liu, Wenxi Wu, Anan Liang

Augma AR
Team members: Chase Carnaroli, Savianno Iglesias, Sean Loh

Team members: Gautam Banuru, Swapnil Khodaskar

Team members: Zachary Little, Kenneth Rhee, Dan Appel, Francisco Barcena

Team members: Meng Ye, Lang Lou

Team members: Lucas Erb, Haven King, Ryan Luu, Nisarg Shah

Team members: Zihao Zhu, Bo Zheng, Chuanning Zhao, Yu Guo

Team members: Gyulnara Grigoryan, Rodrigo Erquiaga, Kenneth Santarosa

Team members: Khashayar Izadseta, Akshaya Manchala, Amir Hoseni, Hebatallah Eltoukhy

Team members: David Kutas, Aditya Nair, Emily Kan, Yang Yue

Team members: Salahaldeen Ali, Niijan Al-Amin

Team members: Adrian E. Garcia, David Bailey Rodriguez, Yunfei Zhang

Shift Reduction
Team members: Hoa Ly, Chau Nguyen, Georgio Christodulou

Team members: Ameer Baloch, Neel Mukhopadhyay, Nikita Arivazhagan, Tim Hakobian

The Health Buds
Team members: Shreya Kapoor, Katherine Hubeny

Team members: Rahul Sreedasyam, Upasana Mustafi, Praveen Ravisankar

Voice Guardians
Team members: Yao Du , Adriana Meza Soria, Shuyang Zeng

Team members: Andrei Homentcovschi, Shengquan Ni, Wei Han Chen, Shreyas Badiger

Team members: Jessica Li, Jiafeng Du, Carleton Zhao