2017 Participants and Results


Beall Student Design Competition at the Samueli School

  • 1st Place ($7,500):
    Project Description: An opportunity exists in developing a prosthetic hand that can outperform the current prosthetic hands on the market, at a competitive price point, all while creating a brand that resonates with the user. An ideal situation would be to come as close as possible to the degrees of freedom of a human hand. Krobotech’s goal is fill this gap in the prosthetic industry between cost and functionality with Krobohand.
    Students: Ethan Kirkley, Zepyour Khechadoorian, Cameron Hunt, Kevin Wong
  • 2nd Place ($5,000):
    Red Lion Robotics
    Project Description: Red Lion Robotics develops accessible low-cost tools for motivational walking rehabilitation and assistance.
    Students: Yasemin Sarigul-Klijn, Peter Wang, Hwan Heo
  • 3rd Place ($2,500):
    Syntr Health Technologies
    Project Description: Seeking to provide an affordable, point-of-care therapeutic for diabetic foot ulcer patients. By utilizing a small amount of the patient’s own body fat, our device is able to activate the stem cells found within it and use their regenerative properties to repair damaged tissue. The entire treatment can be performed in under one hour.
    Students: Ahmed Zobi, Hugo Salas, Justin Stovner, Jade Tassey, Adrain Bahani

Butterworth Product Development Competition at the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences

  • 1st Place ($7,500):
    Project Description: Memorlane is a collaborative photo sharing platform that streamlines photo categorization and sharing. The app allows users’ photos to be uploaded to communal albums. These albums correspond to specific locations, events, businesses, etc. when the user in within the preset geofence. Participant’s photos for a collaborative album can be instantaneously uploaded, if the user is within a predefined time or distance window. This allows for a simple solution to store and collect many photos in the cloud from an event all at once, without having to ask anyone.
    Students: Evan Schein, Yocelyn Recinos, Michael Tran
  • 2nd Place ($5,000):
    Project Description: The Motion Analytic System (AirTouch) is a wearable hand computer designed and optimised for interactive computing. AirTouch tracks the relative position of each finger (all five fingers including the thumb) and uniquely provides haptic feedback to each finger. The device is capable of tracking hand gestures such as a grasp, release, thumbs up, or point and runs the Linux operating system, thus supporting numerous applications in virtual and augmented reality.
    Students: Olaoluwa Adesanya, Laura Beken, Brandon Cabrera
  • 3rd Place ($2,500):
    Project Description: MunchiesPippy is “on-demand anything”, powered by AI. Whatever people need done, we do, in a short timeframe and at a very competitive price. Users open our app, tell us what they need and tap go – we use AI to plan logistics, give them an instant price estimate, then dispatch their task out to fulfillers who will start working on their task right away.
    Students: Karan Kanwar, Douglas Huynh, Kausthub Raj Jadhav, Martin Gomez, Antonio Lopez, Sam Chen


Beall Student Design Competition (Hardware) Teams

Team Leader: Jimmy Cai
Team Members: Jimmy Cai, Jonathan Chong, Kellie Won, Audrey Vu, Jasmine Morris, Robert Dunn

Team Leader: Spencer Mattson
Team Members: Spencer Mattson, Ali Siddiqui, Sara Boukai, Asana Pebdani, Brandon Szeto, Amirah Aryan

Team Leader: Fatemeh Nosrati
Team Members: Fatemeh Nosrati, Petra Wilder-Smith, Bryant Trinh, Anuradha Nayudu, Cherie Wink

General Tactile
Team Leader: Leon Cao
Team Members: Leon Cao, Paul Dao, Niraj Patel

Team Leader: Ethan Kirkley
Team Members: Ethan Kirkley, Zepyour Khechadoorian, Cameron Hunt, Kevin Wong

Team Leader: Alexander Chang
Team Members: Alexander Chang, Elijah De Guzman, Miguel Bautista, Jonathan Abebe, An Ma

Team Leader: Yu-Bin Moon
Team Members: Ashley Gin, Heidi Hsu, Yu-Bin Moon, Rosalia Hernandez

Red Lion Robotics
Team Leader: Yasemin Sarigul-Klijn
Team Members: Yasemin Sarigul-Klijn, Peter Wang, Hwan Heo

Sensenium Medical
Team Leader: Zachery Robinson
Team Members: Zachery Robinson, Nuria Perez Varela, Tuyetnhi (Nicole) Le, Stella Doering, Martin Valdez, Brandon Trieu

Syntr Health Technologies
Team Leader: Ahmed Zobi
Team Members: Ahmed Zobi, Hugo Salas, Justin Stovner, Jade Tassey, Beatrice Sun, Adrain Bahani

Team Leader: Jennifer Schuler
Team Members: Jennifer Schuler, Mahshad Sharifi Serkani, Basil Joseph Ittiavira, Tingting Yang

Team Leader: Wesley Chiang
Team Members: Samantha Huang, Cyrus Hosseini, Brandon Lee, Shyen Nasseri, Wesley Chiang

Butterworth Product Development Competition (Software) Teams

Team Leader: Aaron Soto
Team Members: Aaron Soto, Kiyo Beverly, Alex Figueroa, Jenny Huang

Team Leader: Curtis Hendrick
Team Members: Curtis Hendrick, Michael Glover, Aaron Soto, Donny Magnuson, Tam Dang

Contract-OR Amour
Team Leader: Dustin Nirschl
Team Members: Dustin Nirschl, Eric Malmgren

Driving License
Team Leader: Ahmad Razavi
Team Members: Ahmad Razavi, Nazanin Ghasemian

Team Leader: Natalie Sweis
Team Members: Natalie Sweis

Team Leader: Heran Patel
Team Members: Heran Patel, Anuj Shah, Madhav Gharmalkar, Sashank Pulagam, Jeremy Yang, Rohan Chadha, Taran Singh, Ahmed Gorashi, Michael Martin, Jordan Oz

Team Leader: Evan Schein
Team Members: Evan Schein, Yocelyn Recinos, Michael Tran

Miracle Mile
Team Leader: Stanley Chen
Team Members: Thanapon Sat, Stanley Chen

Team Leader: Karan Kanwar
Team Members: Karan Kanwar, Douglas Huynh, Kausthub Raj Jadhav, Martin Gomez, Antonio Lopez, Sam Chen

Planet Innovate
Team Leader: Sabeena Sebastian
Team Members: Sabeena Sebastian, Sreeja Sthrothra Bhashyam

Team Leader: Swaroopa Kadam
Team Members: Swaroopa Kadam, Pratik Shetty, Chamandeep Singh, Ameya Raje

Team Leader: Mohammad Nobar
Team Members: Mohammad Nobar, Shreyaan Kaushal, Kai Cheng, Kelly Lin

Secure Say
Team Leader: Mania Sadaghianpoor
Team Members: Mania Sadaghianpoor, Monica Arya

Squad Inc.
Team Leader: Mahamadou Sylla
Team Members: Nefertiti Rogers, Suha Sattar, Zeina Mousa, Nezar Eltal, Mahamadou Sylla

Team Leader: Cass Tao
Team Members: Cass Tao, Alex Dinh, Shawna Tuli, Truong Xe, Kevin Tran

Team Go!
Team Leader: Kenny Nguyen
Team Members: Jonathan Lam, Ryan Yue, Kenny Nguyen, Albert Tang, Nhi Lam, Patrick Mang

Team Ultra
Team Leader: Ting-Wei Lin
Team Members: Ting-Wei Lin, Anthony Luong, Martin Hsieh

Team Leader: Anshul Singhal
Team Members: Anshul Singhal, Vatsal Rustagi, Ganeshram Chockalingam, Vishnu Manivannan, Milisha Merchant, James Purpura

Team Leader: Annie Wong
Team Members: Niles Boriboon, Jon Michael Desiderio, Jonathan Nguyen, Nicharat Saepung, Annie Wong, Chris Wong

Team Leader: Maharshi Singh
Team Members: Maharshi Singh

Beall Student Design Competition (Hardware) & Butterworth Product Development Competition (Software) Teams

Team Leader: Daryosh Vatanparvar
Team Members:

Team Leader: Olaoluwa Adesanya
Team Members: Olaoluwa Adesanya, Laura Beken, Justin Mogannam, Peter Philips, Adelanwa Adesanya

Beauty Advisor
Team Leader: Kai Ding
Team Members: Kai Ding, Sina Askari, Xiaoyan Qu, Mohammad Asadian, Bahram Seifi, Daryosh Vatanparvar

Coffee Buddy
Team Leader: Sid Kasat
Team Members: Sid Kasat, Omair Farooqui, Cameron Haddad, Nicholas Vong, Arya Kalantar, Jasmine Ngo

Team Leader: Steve Cho
Team Members: Steve Cho, Michael Wegener, Takahiro Ishikawa

Team Leader: Tushar Dhadiwal
Team Members: Tushar Dhadiwal, Bhushan Pagariya

Smart Needle
Team Leader: Sina Askari
Team Members: Sina Askari, Kai Ding, Xiaoyan Qu, Mohammad Asadian, Bahram Seifi, Daryosh Vatanparvar

Team Leader: Beenish Patel
Team Members: Beenish Patel

UCI Parking Lot
Team Leader: Ahmad Razavi
Team Members: Ahmad Razavi, Nazanin Ghasemian

Team Leader: Prachi Shah
Team Members: Prachi Shah, Dishant Donga, Natali Mai, Leslie Fernando, Paul Nguyen, Andrew Dam