2018 Participants and Results


Beall Student Design Competition at the Samueli School

  • 1st Place ($10,000):
    Flapping Wing Micro-Aerial Vehicle (FWMAV)
    Project Description: The Flapping Wing Manned Aerial Vehicle (FWMAV) is a non-invasive drone that replaces each of the four traditional propellers of a quadcopter with a pair of mechanical wings. The FWMAV utilizes the phenomenon of vibrational stability that occurs in birds and other flying winged organisms to self-stabilize without heavily relying on feedback loops; this phenomenon allows the FWMAV to have a significant maneuverability advantage over traditional quadcopter drones.
    Students: Bao Pham, Nathan Cabezut, Patrick Zhu
  • 2nd Place ($6,500):
    HUMBLE Technologies
    Project Description: To resolve medical errors brought about by outdated technology, the HUMBLE syringe has removed the need for old syringe priming methods and replaced them with three simple steps. The user inserts the syringe into a medicine vial and, with a twist to the end of the syringe, instantly traps the air in an inner chamber. The plunger is then pulled to a preset dosage and can then be administered to the patient. Misdosage is the largest contributor to medical errors during the administration of medication; the HUMBLE syringe design will significantly reduce the amount of misdosage cases by simplifying and saving time during the process of priming a syringe.
    Students: Bien Gutierrez, Wendy Nguyen, Jonathan Enriquez, Xiantong Yang, Chad Bishop, Krissa Tassin
  • 3rd Place ($3,500):
    Project Description: Mechanodontics makes braces that alleviate numerous obstacles faced by orthodontists. The proposed customized braces reduce the overall treatment time by half, cut the number of visits to the clinician from 25 to 3, and reduce overall pain while also increasing oral hygiene. Furthermore, these braces are located behind the teeth and therefore are not visible.
    Students: Zahra Mardy, Mahdi Abbaspour

Butterworth Product Development Competition at the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences

  • 1st Place ($10,000):
    Project Description: Zoot is a mobile application that helps users find their lost items through an immersive journey. By attaching any device that can transmit geolocation to an item, users can precisely locate their lost belongings with the Zoot app. The app’s two main functions are augmented reality and geolocation. When users lose an item, they simply open the Zoot app, which will show the lost item’s location. The user will then go to the location and can use the augmented reality feature by pointing the camera around. The augmented reality feature then takes over and will give the user an approximate range for the lost item, which might be a room or a multi-level office building. Zoot also helps accelerate the process by prompting the user and asking whether specific areas have already been searched. The purpose of Zoot is for users to quickly and efficiently locate their items using a simple app.
    Students: Zarina Bahadur, Ting Wei-Lin, Roger Dalke
  • 2nd Place ($6,500):CrewView
    Project Description: CrewView is a cross-platform AR/VR application that will change how creative teams view, communicate, and collaborate during design and production processes in the entertainment industry.
    Students: Ke Jing, Christopher Ayuso, Max Collins, Melisse Yutuc, Aparajita Marathe, Fernando Penaloza, Tyler Scrivner, Hannah Tran
  • 3rd Place ($3,500):
    Project Description: Breakdown is a web application that could eventually be extended to iOS and Android, which will act as a centralized place for users to view all of the political information they need. Users will be able to log on to the site, input their stances on a few key political issues, and then see how much they agree with their current representatives and, during campaign seasons, the different candidates for Congress and Senate.
    Students: Ryan Oillataguerre, Brodric Cormier


Beall Student Design Competition (Hardware) Teams

Team members: Brandt Bucher, Rudy Aquino

Team members: Ning Ma, Hongtao Chen, Zhenghao Li

Flapping Wing Micro-Aerial Vehicle (FWMAV)
Team members: Bao Pham, Nathan Cabezut, Patrick Zhu

HUMBLE Technologies
Team members: Bien Gutierrez, Wendy Nguyen, Jonathan Enriquez, Xiantong Yang, Chad Bishop, Krissa Tassin

Team members: Zachery Bloom, Ruthannah Wang

Team members: Andrew Tec, Chanceleir Schilling, Mazen Alkhatib, Khaled Takwa, Calvin Borchers, Danielle Jimenez, Adrienne Lee, Mark Mekkittikul, Patrick Youssef, Harmeet Gill, Trevor Yashutake, Woo Yoong Chong, Khoi Trinh, Yunyun Li, Mohamed Idris Mo

Team members: Patricio Guerrero Gertz, Belane Bethlehem Gizaw

Team members: Natalie Wong, Nasam Chokr, Michael Nguyen, Anthony Ricaldi, Bryan Ou, Brad Padgitt

Lodestar Innovations
Team members: Adrian Cabornida, Yasmeen Abuzeid, Alejandro Adame, Matthew Tsao, Dennis Ye

Mobile Microscopy
Team members: Leilani Razon-Lomeli, Michael Anthony Morris, Per Niklas Hedde

NanoCurv Impressions
Team members: Cesar Ramales, Brendon Tran, Calvin Li, Heejun Chough, Mai Yang

Team members: Megan Girczyc, Michael Dixon, Darlene Spicer, Blanca Guerra, Jacson Wan

Team members: Yonathan Aberra, Kevin Jitsiripol, Ryan Tran, Connor Allen, Zach Low

Team members: Evelyn Vasquez, Lucy Zhuang, Truc Ding, Nini Nguyen, Zhen Wan, Alexander Nguyen

Thermo – Cool
Team members: Xiaoxi Zhang, Manvinder Singh, Rasheed Aziz

Team members: Onalli Gunasekara, Floranne Ellington, Farah Arabi, Kelly Hong

Butterworth Product Development Competition (Software) Teams

24 Rockstars
Team members: Jonathan Nguyen, Chris Wong, Meet Patel, Charlie Tran

Team members: Ryan Oillataguerre, Brodric Cormier

Team members: Omkar Pathak, Swapnil Khodaskar, Kushal Kuchibhotla

Team members: Ke Jing, Christopher Ayuso, Max Collins, Melisse Yutuc, Aparajita Marathe, Fernando Penaloza, Tyler Scrivner, Hannah Tran

Food Slider
Team members: Dexin Kong, Wenzhuo Wang, Zhenye Feng, Jueying Li, Juehui Li, Yicong Huang

Team members: Brain Wong, Ryan Yue

Team members: Preston Trieu, Khuong Tiet

Team members: Kaleo Sato, Chinmay Raut, Junlin Wang

Team members: Ryan Jaimes, Rodney McGrath, Krishen Bhan, Danh Nguyen, Henry Tran

Team members: John Huynh, Cass Tao, Kevin Tran, Felicia Hou, Sarah Lee, Samantha Jun

Team members: Lucas Erb, Nisarg Shah, Haven King

Team members: Cher Huang, Yingzhen Xue

Team members: Huyanh Hoang, Ryan Duong, Phillip Nguyen, Brian Luu

Team members: Zarina Bahadur, Ting Wei-Lin, Roger Dalke

Beall Student Design Competition (Hardware) & Butterworth Product Development Competition (Software) Teams

Team members: Zahra Mardy, Mahdi Abbaspour, James Wratten, Mehdi Roein-Peikar

Team members: Navaneeth Visagan, Marion Angelo Quijano, Clinton Thai, Tommy Le, Priscilla Tam, Yiteng Zhang

Team members: Gautam Banuru, Matthew Ives

Shifty Bois
Team members: Jose Loli, Travis Miller, Calvin Belcher

Team members: Alireza Javani, Ali Rostami, Sina Faraji

Silver Elite
Team members: Jiahao Xu, Qianyi Sha

Team ATK
Team members: Thanawat Mynaf, Autumn Lee, Kevin Nguyen

Well-Being App
Team members: Abhinav Grover, Jason Luzak, Brian Young