2021 Winners

Beall Student Design Competition at the Samueli School

  • 1st Place:
    Project Description: forMED Technologies is an eye care startup seeking to improve glaucoma management through the TonoLase, an at-home non-invasive intraocular pressure monitoring device.
    Members: Lily McGrale, Aryan Agarwal, Ruben Shakya, Raphael Francis Aguas, Kamalesh AnanthakrishnanSplunk 2nd Place
  • 2nd Place:
    Project Description: Traditional phoropters are bulky and expensive devices used to check people’s vision. Because of their high cost, low income communities often don’t have the opportunity for proper eye care. Our goal is to deliver this care to those who need it, but lack the means.
    Members: Rahul Sreedasyam, Ishaan Sharma, Soham Patel, Shaan Braich, Alon Pavlov, Abhishek Kulkarni
  • 3rd Place:
    The Blue Box
    Project Description:
     Designed after a dog’s olfactory system and olfactory neurons, The Blue Box is an AI-powered biomedical device aimed at in-home breast cancer testing in a non-invasive, non-irradiating, inexpensive, specific and user-friendly way… Just by introducing a urine sample in a BOX!
    Members: Diego Esparza, Lauren HoshikoSplunk 1st Place

Butterworth Product Development Competition at the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences

  • 1st Place:
    Grasshopper Fund
    Project Description: Grasshopperfund, Inc. is a Startup Marketplace and Funding Platform providing online Entrepreneurship coaching, a network of mentors and peers, and the first rewards-based crowdfunding platform investing in youth-led startups. We bridge the gap between idea and reality for youth ages 13-30.
    Members: Caitlyn Yang, Ovya Barani, Nathan Tisuela
  • 2nd Place:
    Project Description: Nutripair is an early stage tech enabled health and wellness company with a mission of pairing people with personalized nutrition solutions so that we can all make better informed decisions for tackling chronic illnesses while staying on budget.
    Members: Bing Mo, Catlin TranSplunk 3rd Place
  • 3rd Place:
    Project Description: VITAL (Product Name) Web development is growing and so is the need for secure software development. We want to create an interactive platform where developers can experiment, enjoy, and learn about various cyber security threats so that they can proactively write secure code.
    Members: Kumar Vaibhav, Maaz Syed Adeeb, Vineet Bharot, Shuvam Ghosh